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Margarita Christoforidis

Margarita Christoforidis

03 April 2017 | Published in: Making a Difference

To many of her students and colleagues, Stonehurst Hills Elementary School Social Worker Margarita Christoforidis is the most important person in the school. How she works with students, families, and fellow staff members is nothing short of magical. She makes a difference for so many each and every day.

Margarita knows Stonehurst and its community pretty well. She attended Stonehurst Hills while growing up in Upper Darby and has now been the school’s social worker for nearly 20 years! Her understanding and appreciation of the Stonehurst area makes her an integral member of both the school and the community, She is an incredibly valued member of both!

To learn more about Margarita Christoforidis and how she is Making a Difference at Stonehurst Hills Elementary School, please click here.

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